Enchanting places

The unique culinary experience of Dyades can also be found beyond the walls of the restaurant: a table set in the middle of the vegetable garden,
picnic baskets to be taken on a lake or explored on its banks, a barbecue in the heart of the forest beneath the boughs of the thousand-trunk tree,
rib-eye steaks cooked in the chimney stoves of the farmhouses…
These are moments to be cherished that put all the senses at the centre of culinary appreciation.

Vegetable Garden

A table at the home of Dyades’ seasonal produce.

The Tree with a Thousand Trunks

An enchanting moment of stillness beneath the boughs of an ancient tree.


The promise of an exceptional gastronomic experience


A homely meal shared with loved ones

The Barn

The joie de vivre of a rustic buffet.


A serene picnic at the water’s edge

Traditional Oven

An awakening of the senses at the heart of nature.

The Forest

Awakening of the senses and a feeling of increased closeness to nature

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