The Chef

Loïc Lecoin trained in his native Cantal region with chef Louis Bernard Puech.

Working alongside him, he acquired precision and the foundations of traditional cuisine: gravies, sauces, perfectly crafted dishes. After stints in Toulouse (Le Pastel), with Régis Marcon in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid and later at the Moulin de la Gorce in the Limousin region,
he settled in Dordogne at the Moulin de l’Abbaye. Initially in charge of one of the two bistros the hotel houses, he then went on to the second bistro before being promoted to the gourmet restaurant which was awarded a Michelin star in 2017.

The chemistry with the Domaine des Etangs is unmistakable: he shares the same deep respect for Nature and Men.

The signature

Loïc Lecoin’s style unfolds from day to day, not in keeping with the cycle of calendar seasons but with the cycle of Nature that changes the course and the flavour of ingredients daily.
And yet, within the strict framework it establishes, the chef enjoys great freedom.

From the moment he set foot in the Domaine des Etangs, he canvassed the region, on the lookout for the best farmers and small producers, immerging himself in the rich terroir of the Limousin.

Referencing traditional French recipes by Auguste Escoffier, Fernand Point or Eugénie Brazier, he boldly pushes their boundaries, endowing his creations with a touch of lightness and modernity.